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5 Place to Visit in Indonesia

Borobudur Temple



Indonesia is known for its nature with lush beautiful forests, beaches, and seas. If you’re a person who like to travel but still stay in touch with nature, you should definitely visit this top five travel destinations in Indonesia.

The first place you have to visit is Samosir island. It is located in North Sumatra and is the home of lake Toba. Samosir island are also quite popular among travelers around the world. Anyone who sees Lake Toba is guaranteed to be hypnotized by its enchanting beauty.

Travelers can also learn a lot about the rich Batak culture that is provided in the existing museum. In addition, travelers can also see the beauty of Lake Toba directly through a rented boat.

Next, you should also visit Padang, a city located in West Sumatra. Padang is synonymous with the spicy cuisine that can sizzle the tongue. Moreover, Padang also has a number of interesting tourist destinations to visit.

For beach lovers, there’s the Nirwana Beach to Air Manis which is famous for the Malin Kundang stone. If you like nature, you can stop by the beautiful and lush Tiga Tingkat Waterfall. In addition Padang also has a number of landmarks such as the iconic Siti Nurbaya Bridge and the Makkah Miniature in Lubuk Minturum area.

The third place is Bangka Belitung islands. Vacationing in Bangka means lots of walking on the beach. There are at least 7 beautiful beaches located not far from the city center in Pangkalpinang, the furthest being only a matter of hours. These are the names of the beach; Pasir Padi, Rambak, Matras, Parai Tenggiri, Limau Bay, Romodong and Penyusuk Beach. All of the sand in the beach is white and smooth.

In Pangkalpinang there is Bangka Trade Center (BTC) as a souvenir shopping place. For those who like photography, just go to the ancient and scenic Kwan Tie Miaw temple. There is also the Museum of Tin. This is the only tin museum in Indonesia and contains a large collection of tin mining related objects and exhibits. One day isn’t enough go on a vacation to Bangka.

On the fourth place is Bogor, a city located in West Java. It has many holiday options if you’re travelling with either friends or family. Nature areas and parks with a variety of attractions are available in Bogor. Bogor Botanical Garden, Cifor Forest and Curug Putri are among a handful of natural attractions in Bogor. If there is a lot of time available for the holidays, there are many other areas that can be explored. For culinary tourism, Bogor is the heaven of it. Many delicacies like laksa, fried toge, devil meatballs, apple pies, and so on can be enjoyed at affordable prices. Cafes with unique menus and concepts also continue to grow in this city.

Last but not least is Magelang. Located in central Java, it is home to Indonesia’s top landmark, the Borobudur Temple. Tourists from every places flock there every year, and so should you if you want to find your ideal year-end holiday. It cannot be denied that Borobudur Temple is the main attraction in Magelang. But as a tourist city, Magelang still has some other things to offer. The MesaStila resort offers a coffee agro tour package. Tourists can take a tour to the coffee plantation and enjoy fresh and delicious coffee, and all at affordable prices.

Now that you know these five places you can go to when you’re traveling to Indonesia, now you only have to prepare enough traveling equipment and a flight ticket. Take your family and your closest friends to enjoy the natural beauty of Indonesia.